Product Range ▼ V Belt for Crusher
V-Belts Special Usage For Mining, Stone Queries, Food Industry & Heavy Industries
Technical Characteristics

KSC V-Belts are manufactured under strict vigilance and observation of the state of art of modern technology with reinforcement of highly shock - load resistant synthetic cords combined with special rubber compound and ultimately jacketed to obtain maximum life and smooth run of the drive.


SPZ 67 TO 95 10 TO 1.5
  100 TO 140 1.52 TO 2.5
SPA 100 TO 132 1.5 TO 2.5
  140 TO 200 1.5 TO 2.5
SPB 160 TO 224 1.5 TO 2.5
  236 TO 315 1.5 TO 2.5
SPC 224 TO 355 1.52 TO 2.5
  375 TO 560 1.5 TO 2.5
A 80 TO 140 1.5 TO 2.5
B 125 TO 200 1.5 TO 2.5
C 200 TO 400 1.5 TO 2.5
D 355 TO 600 1.52 TO 2.5
E 600 TO 900 1.5 TO 2.5


The bias-cut cover fabric is impregnated with special rubber to protect the inner part of the belts and provide strong abrasion resistance on the pulley groove.

B.Tension Member
The load carrying cords ..are tough polyester / aramide cords that have been specially treated to temper the ,cords to their point of high strength, low elongation and greater resistance to bending fatigue.

C.Top Compression Section
The rubber used in this section is compounded to withstand sudden shock loads and to keep the belt flexing readily when passing over the pulleys.

D.Insulation Section
The insulation section holds the tension binding section for extra strong adhesion between cords and the top and bottom compression section.

E.Bottom Compression Selection
This section holds the normal cross section of the belts and is compounded to resist compression fatigue and heat for longer service life.

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