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DTH drill bits uses polycrystalline diamond compact replaces the traditional cemented carbide cutters, polycrystalline diamond compact has high strength, high hardness, strong wear resistance, impact resistance and good self-sharpening. The polycrystalline diamond DTH drill hole drill well solved in the complex geological conditions of carbide wearing resisting, carbide 5 to 20 times higher than that of its wear resistance. Combined with the customer the actual rock for point-to-point custom-made design, make the quartet of polycrystalline diamond DTH bit strong pertinence. Four sides of the whole series of polycrystalline diamond can greatly improves the life span of drill bit, DTH bit to improve work efficiency, reduce consumption, greatly reduce the time of the bit change, for a lower cost drilling meters.

DTH drill bit in open-bit and underground mining, quarry, water and electricity engineering and water well drilling, mineral exploration, rock cable anchor hole drilling, geothermal digging, underground engineering excavation, such as side of pile is widely used in construction site. SFD can supply both diamond DTH drill bits and carbide DTH drill bit

High air pressure series(P≥14bar):Φ115,Φ125,Φ138,Φ152,Φ165 etc;
Middle-high air pressure series(8≤P≤14bar):Φ80,Φ90,Φ95 etc;
Low air pressure series(P≤8bar):Φ76, Φ90, Φ110 etc

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