Product Range ▼ rubber Conveyor Belt

Width 300mm to 1800mm in steps of 50mm
Length Open or endless upto 400 mtrs in single length provided the diameter does not exceed 10 feet
Fabric Plies 2 plies to 8 plies.
Polyester Nylon (EP) : EP 100, EP 125, EP 150, EP 200, EP 250, EP 300,
EP 350, EP 400 and EP 450, EP 500
Nylon Nylon (NN) : NN 100, NN 125, NN 150, NN 200, NN 250, NN 300,
NN 350, NN 400 and NN 450.
Cotton Cotton : 28 OZ, 32 OZ, 36 OZ, 42 OZ, 48 OZ and for elevator belts 34 OZ

Cover Grades
Cover Type
Tensile Strength kg/cm2 (Min)
Elongation at break (% Min.)
General Applications
Reference Standards
M- 24
Suitable for rugged services for conveying crushed Metallic ores, Lime stone, Granite etc. Also Sutable for large size ores. As per International Standards and IS - 1891, (Part I)
N- 17
Suitable fior Materials, like Asbestos, Ash, Bauxit, Cement lime etc. As per International Standards and IS - 1891, (Part I)
HR (T1)
Suitable for Transporting hot material ( Upto 125°C for coarse material and 100° for fine material) As per International Standards and IS - 1891, (Part II)
SHR (T2)
Suitable for Transporting hot material ( 150°C for coarse material and 125° for fine material) As per International Standards and IS - 1891, (Part II)
OR (Oil Resistant)
Cover Grade of specially blended synthetic Polymers is designed to give very high resistance to mineral vegetables and Animal Oils & Fats As per International Standards and IS - 1891, (Part III)
Suitable for Handing confectionery food, Pharmaceuticals and tes etc. As per International Standards and IS - 1891, (Part-V)
FR (Fire Resistant)
Recommended for use in surface applications in coal and such type of mines where the ambiebnt temp. may not be high but there is disinct hazard of belts being enceloped in fire. Rubber covers are fire resistant and anti static. As per International Standards and IS - 1891, (Part-V)


Cover Thickness As per Customer's Specifications.
Type of Edges Available in cut edges and moulded ( protected) edges.
Skim Coated The belts are processed with all its fabric plies skim coated with superior quality rubber compounds.
Mildew Inhibition The rubber Components used in the belt are designed such as to have full protection against midew.
Breaker Ply To with stand extra impect during service the belts are provided with braker ply on demand.
Belt Designation Available in three types i.e. General Duty (GD), Heavy Duty (HD) and Extra Heavy Duty ( EHD).

Apart form straight ply construction the belts are offered in stepped ply as well
as Reverse stepped ply Constructions also.

National and Ininternational Standards Followed :
1 Bureau of Indian Standards BIS
2 British Standards BS
3 Intenational Organisation for Standardization ISO
4 German Standards DIN
5 Canadian Standards CBM,CAN/CSA
6 Australian Standards ASS
7 France Standards NF-T47 100/101

Special Features of KSC Speed Conveyor Belts :
1 Unique carcass Design & Assembly.
2 Superior Adhesion Lecels.
3 Higher Longitudinal Flexibility.
4 Improved Transverse Flexibility.
5 Higher Tensile Strength.
6 Low Belt Strength
7 Outstanding Impact Resistance
8 Improved Resistance to Mechanical Damages.
9 Higher Carrying Capacity with low Conceyor Belt Weight.
10 Hot Resistance.
11 Hot & Cold Splice Proven
12 Superior Joint Efficiency & Increased Life
13 Universal Applications.
14 Resistance to Environmental Operation Condition.
15 Smooth & Trouble Free Dervice.

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