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Air pressure should be between 90 to 100 PSI (620 to 689kPa) at the In-line Lubricator during operation. Use at higher pressures will decrease performance and output, and may cause damage to Lubricator. It is important to realize that the use of long lead hoses, manifolds and worn hose connections in the air line leading upto the tool will cause a pressure drop. Use
couplings and fittings of maximum inner diameter for the size of hose being used (Refer to the specifications chart for this data). Reducers will restrict the air and therefore result in less pressure at the tool.
Use an air compressor with sufficient CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) delivery to operate the tool(s) at a pressure of 90 to 100 PSI (pounds per square inch), (620 to 689kPa). 
Model OIL TYPE HOSE INNER DIA Air Flow (Max) Air Vol. Weight
- - mm In m3/mm CFM Line Gal. Kgs Lbs
KSC-1.3 SEE DRAWING 25.4 1.0 0.91 8.52 1.32 0.29 2.52      4.84      
KSC-0.5 SEE DRAWING 12.7 0.5 0.23 1.14 0.50 0.11 1.52 3.34


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