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KSC-5723 Pneumatic Slim Drill has an effective DTH Hammer that can drill holes of diameter 76 to 115 diameter in vertical and horizontal directions. Moreover, it drills the hole with a depth of 25m so that the diamond Wire Saw wire can be passed through it.
Special Features:
» Stable Drilling Capabilities
» Structural Designed for extra rigidity
» Anchoring Arrangement ensures perfect stability during drilling
» Rotation and winch units modified to provide additional power for faster drilling and rigid withdrawls, longer tool life etc.
» Rigid ourfit shaft (Roatation Unit) with extra bearing support and thicker thread profile.

» Specially designed fluid seals for Output Shaft, Roation unit to prevent air leakages.


Pneumatic Slim Drill is designed for  Marble and Granite mines for drilling in Down-the -Hole Hammer drilling method, ideally for drilling lead holes matching for Diamond Wire Cutting.

This machine has the ability to drill hole diameter from 76mm to 130mm, upto 40 mtr. length, in Vertical and Horizontal positions and can be easily dismantled into Sub Assemblies, ensuring easy portability and repositioning, due to its light weight.

» ROTATION UNIT-Powerful heavy duty Rotation Unit Type KSC-4, fitted with 4 Cylinder Piston Type Air Motor with Planetory gear and reduction gear box.
» FEED UNIT-4 Cylinder Piston Motor with Worm Reduction Gear Box.
» CONTROLLLER-Gang Type Remote Control Panel with Pressure regulator controller and 3 Ltr capacity Oil Lubricator.
» A ball joint system is provided at the bottom of the Mast, to facilitate Precision alignment for matching holes.
» Cover Leveling Jack with re-usable Rock Bolt System and Heavy Duty Double C Class Channels to maintain perfect rigidity during drilling.

» Specially designed fluid seals for Output Shaft, Roation unit to prevent air leakages.

Mode of Drilling
Down The Hole Hammer
Rotation Drive Unit
Type-KSC-4, Thread-API 2 3/8"
Hole Diameter
76-130 mm
Drill Tube Diameter
60, 76mm
Drill Tube Length
1.20 mtr
Operating Pressure
10.5 Bar Max.
Maximum Torque
900 Nm
Air Consumption
450 cfm @ 10.5 Bar, 150 psi

Mode of Drilling
Down The Hole Hammer
Feed Type
Chain Drive
Feed Length, Total
2.5 mtr
Travel Length
1.5 mtr
Feed Force
8 KN
Suitable Hammer
3", 4" Hammer
Gang Type Remote Control Panel
Ground Clearance
3", 4" Hammer
3.5" with 3" Hammer
Universal Positioning
By Ball Joint System

Mode of Drilling
Down The Hole Hammer
750 Kgs
Length, Transport Postion
3.226 mm
812 mm
1016 mm
12.7M3/MIN-10.5 KG/CM2 (450 CFM-150 psi ) acceptable product improvement is a continuing goal of KSC Metalluery. Designand specifications are subject to chnage without notice or obligations.

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